Salls Family Ancestry


Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beerwort, Mary Caroline  04 May 1833Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I557 Salls 
2 Bissell, Elizabeth  1865Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I2156 Salls 
3 Bissell, Herbert Sidney  Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I2154 Salls 
4 Bissell, Sidney R.  1866Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I2157 Salls 
5 Bissell, William Henry  1858Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I2155 Salls 
6 Cheeseman, Albert Aaron  06 May 1883Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I152 Salls 
7 Cheeseman, Blanch May  08 Oct 1879Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I150 Salls 
8 Cheeseman, Grace Helen  19 Jul 1885Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I153 Salls 
9 Cheeseman, Louvia Maude  22 Dec 1882Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I151 Salls 
10 Colton, Lawrence  25 Apr 1807Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I290 Salls 
11 Colton, Lucretia  05 Nov 1803Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I405 Salls 
12 Curtis, Lucy  16 Jul 1798Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I374 Salls 
13 Fournival, Alice  10 Apr 1871Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6118 Salls 
14 Fournival, Augusta  01 Sep 1868Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6117 Salls 
15 Fournival, Edna  18 Jun 1881Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6122 Salls 
16 Fournival, Eugene  19 Jan 1862Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6114 Salls 
17 Fournival, Florence  12 Dec 1857Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6113 Salls 
18 Fournival, Harriet  18 Apr 1873Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6119 Salls 
19 Fournival, Henry  10 Sep 1863Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6115 Salls 
20 Fournival, Josephine  10 Apr 1856Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6112 Salls 
21 Fournival, Louise  12 Aug 1878Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6121 Salls 
22 Fournival, Morris  18 Feb 1876Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6120 Salls 
23 Fournival, Rosabell  04 Jul 1866Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6116 Salls 
24 Johnston, Levi  Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I253 Salls 
25 McCormack, Doris  Abt 1922Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I71 Salls 
26 McCormack, Emerson  Abt 1914Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I64 Salls 
27 McCormack, Lawrence Edward  Abt 1920Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I69 Salls 
28 McCormack, Milfred  Abt 1918Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I68 Salls 
29 McCormack, Neal  Abt 1916Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I66 Salls 
30 McCormack, Patrick  Abt 1917Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I67 Salls 
31 McCormack, Robert  Abt 1915Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I65 Salls 
32 McCormack, William  Abt 1921Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I70 Salls 
33 Miller, Norman  1872Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I243 Salls 
34 Salls, Ada Avis  10 Sep 1862Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I54 Salls 
35 Salls, Benjamin Franklin or Benjamin, Jr. or Benjamin, 2nd.  22 Mar 1821Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I330 Salls 
36 Salls, Benjamin Manson  02 Sep 1849Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I382 Salls 
37 Salls, Charles  05 Jan 1813Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I665 Salls 
38 Salls, Charles Emerson  18 Oct 1860Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I21 Salls 
39 Salls, Daniel  1784Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I270 Salls 
40 Salls, Daniel  1812Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I664 Salls 
41 Salls, Daniel Darius  23 May 1806Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I129 Salls 
42 Salls, Daniel Enoch  30 Apr 1844Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I439 Salls 
43 Salls, Daniel H.  1857Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I464 Salls 
44 Salls, Edwin Nelson  02 Nov 1851Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I558 Salls 
45 Salls, Ella Mary  15 Apr 1901Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I27 Salls 
46 Salls, Emma  15 Jul 1856Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I322 Salls 
47 Salls, Enoch Briggs  24 Mar 1821Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I353 Salls 
48 Salls, Enoch Filer  24 Mar 1833Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I131 Salls 
49 Salls, Eugene F.  1859Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I617 Salls 
50 Salls, Eunice  06 Aug 1864Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I1553 Salls 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bordwin, Lewis  26 Dec 1866Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I56 Salls 
2 Bordwin, Nellie May  22 May 1901Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I22 Salls 
3 Brill, Catherine  15 May 1886Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I1945 Salls 
4 Bush, Nancy  28 Jul 1882Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I690 Salls 
5 Cameron, Mary  18 May 1822Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I231 Salls 
6 Cheeseman, Louvia Maude  19 May 1969Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I151 Salls 
7 Colton, Daniel  22 Feb 1877Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I404 Salls 
8 Curtis, Eunice  14 Aug 1871Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I313 Salls 
9 Curtis, Hannah  10 Feb 1877Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6104 Salls 
10 Danford, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1857Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I341 Salls 
11 Filer, Rebecca  22 Oct 1845Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I227 Salls 
12 Fournival, Henry  06 Aug 1866Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6115 Salls 
13 Fournival, Josephine  14 Jul 1858Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I6112 Salls 
14 Johnston, UNKNOWN  Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I2349 Salls 
15 Mayo, Adeline Richards  Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I130 Salls 
16 Mayo, David  Feb 1828Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I230 Salls 
17 Mayo, Eliza Hazeltine  12 Jun 1867Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I232 Salls 
18 McKee, William James  22 Jul 1889Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I628 Salls 
19 Miller, Norman  1949Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I243 Salls 
20 Salls, Charles  31 Aug 1887Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I665 Salls 
21 Salls, Charles Emerson  02 Jan 1926Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I21 Salls 
22 Salls, Charlotte Louisa  01 Mar 1919Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I321 Salls 
23 Salls, Daniel  08 May 1885Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I664 Salls 
24 Salls, Daniel Darius  29 Aug 1839Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I129 Salls 
25 Salls, Duncan Cameron  10 Oct 1888Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I49 Salls 
26 Salls, Edward  16 Nov 1923Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I694 Salls 
27 Salls, Edwin Nelson  09 Dec 1851Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I558 Salls 
28 Salls, Emma  29 Mar 1879Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I322 Salls 
29 Salls, Enoch  08 Aug 1833Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I226 Salls 
30 Salls, Enoch Filer  30 Jan 1840Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I131 Salls 
31 Salls, Filer  29 Nov 1882Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I399 Salls 
32 Salls, George Field  23 Jan 1872Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I389 Salls 
33 Salls, Grady Cameron  25 Dec 1940Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I25 Salls 
34 Salls, Hannah  20 Apr 1855Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I266 Salls 
35 Salls, Henry Benjamin  16 Sep 1861Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I561 Salls 
36 Salls, Isaac  Abt 1800Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I296 Salls 
37 Salls, Jacob  31 Dec 1839Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I301 Salls 
38 Salls, John  19 Dec 1870Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I267 Salls 
39 Salls, John  19 Dec 1870Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I325 Salls 
40 Salls, Nancy  07 Jun 1857Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I342 Salls 
41 Salls, Seymour William  04 May 1911Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I693 Salls 
42 Struthers, Alexander Baptist  1862Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I1566 Salls 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Billings, Catherine  Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I663 Salls 
2 Salls, William  09 Aug 1860Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I390 Salls 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kirtland, William Henry  25 Feb 1822Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I293 Salls 
2 Salls, Edwin Nelson  06 Dec 1851Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I558 Salls 
3 Salls, Enoch Filer  26 May 1833Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I131 Salls 
4 Salls, Henry Benjamin  11 Oct 1859Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I561 Salls 
5 Salls, Herman Brill  04 Sep 1871Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I629 Salls 
6 Salls, Horace Roswell  05 May 1864Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I562 Salls 
7 Salls, Hoyt Edson  25 Jan 1854Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I559 Salls 
8 Salls, Joseph Whitman  10 Jul 1842Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I132 Salls 
9 Salls, Lydia Alberta  23 Feb 1866Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I563 Salls 
10 Salls, Nathaniel  08 Sep 1816Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I661 Salls 
11 Salls, Seymour  08 Sep 1816Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I660 Salls 
12 Spoor, Hiram Isaac  12 Oct 1842Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada I448 Salls 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bissell / Salls  24 Sep 1852Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F712 Salls 
2 Curtis / Salls  13 Aug 1821Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F863 Salls 
3 McKee / Salls  27 Feb 1867Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F165 Salls 
4 Salls / Beerwort  01 Jan 1851Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F146 Salls 
5 Salls / Bissell  13 Aug 1821Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F87 Salls 
6 Salls / Derick  22 Mar 1862Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F118 Salls 
7 Salls / Manson  29 Mar 1841Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F100 Salls 
8 Salls / Mayo  28 Sep 1828Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F38 Salls 
9 Salls / Wait  07 Feb 1853Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F162 Salls 
10 Salls / Young  24 Feb 1858Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F207 Salls 
11 Spear / Salls  03 Jun 1843Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F143 Salls 
12 Spear / Salls  22 Feb 1846Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F144 Salls 
13 Struthers / Vaughan  06 Nov 1823Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F1238 Salls 
14 Tryon / Salls  10 Jan 1853Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F163 Salls 
15 Wait / Salls  Abt 1813Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada F175 Salls 
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